People are upright creatures, walking on two legs. Feet deserve our attention. Only a few square inches are carrying our fuel body weight. Step by step, day by day. True the spine, our feet are creating balance of our posture.

While walking, there are three points on our feet that carry majority of the gravity force. The load of our body weight is transferred from the heel over the outer edge of the foot to the head of the metatarsals and toes. Especially the big toe is heavily loaded at every step.

The correct position of the feet is the basis for the natural S-shape curves of the spine, which enables us painless movement and walking. Deviation from the optimal posture and the gait pattern is due to different causes: congenital defects, injuries… Feet deformation can be minimal, but with big consequences for active lifestyle and movement.

Foot bones, joints and muscles form three foot arches that are essential for optimal flexibility of the foot. Their imbalance cause problems: burning pain, calluses, insufficient blood supply…

We must offer the necessary support to our feet!


It is extremely important to wear appropriate footwear (wide and comfortable). Step Medico costom made Insoles are additional value to every shoe. Their design is based on the foot print, which means that they support longitudinal and transverse arches on the places of actual irregularities. The reason why Step Medico Insoles are different from industrially manufactured insoles is the additional support of the transverse foot arch. Consequently metatarsal bones are lifted just enough to release the phalanges and thus the heel.

Four models

Our work is based on individual treatment and the actual adjustment of support inside the insole. All this is possible, as Step Medico Insoles are handmade. It is necessarily to point out, that the user must feel the insoles in shoes, but there must be no pain caused by them. Quality leather, tanned with natural tanning, on top of the Step Medico, contributes to the strength, which is essential for walking stability. Moreover the leather is very similar to our own skin and that makes the insoles aery, so there is no unnecessary moisture and fungal infection. In addition to setting the bones of the foot in the correct position, the anatomic design of the Step Medico Insoles also massages the foot and thereby stimulates blood circulation and the blood flow in legs.

Back pain, lumbago, nape pain, tired, cold legs, and hip or knee problems, are all possible to be relived with the use of Step Medico Insoles. Furthermore the individual treatment and adjustment of Step Medico Insols to each user also enable direct relief of the problems caused by calluses, corns, and thumb bone and heel pain.

We intentionally do not use electronic devices. Footprint on the membrane (scale 1:1) gives us all the needed information to create the insole.

Odtis 1/1
Odtis v merilu 1 :1 zagotavlja natančno prilagoditev velikosti vložkov

Step Medico Insoles are in The Register of Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia. The quality is certified; therefor they are sold as an orthopedic accessory.

Your well-being is important to us!

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